A Typical Youth


By David Abolaji Famiyesin

Youths are extraordinary and exceptional human beings whose ages symbolize their young, fit, strong and vibrant physique. An average age of a youth is the period from the puberty to attainment of full growth or adolescence.

Like the alphabets in the YOUTH, they demonstrate vibrancy:

  1. Y. young; O. oriented; U. united; T. touch; and H. hope

YOUNG: This simply means having lived or existed within a short period of time and not old. The youths are only meant to be young because at the young age, you have access to your strength, fitness, brain capacity etc.

ORIENTED: This means directed towards something or interested in something. Youth are the most inquisitive set of beings. This is self-explanatory because the youth are known to be curious about things, and when curious they either wait for someone to direct them towards the thing or rather act instantly. The younger youths are the ones that always wait for order or permission but the adult youths, vice versa.

UNITED: This referred to as being joined together as a group. In other sense, youths are the most set of individuals that can easily come together or united either for positive or negative impact as far as their aim is achieved, mostly at the churches, schools, social gatherings etc.

TOUCH: This is to influence someone or something emotionally or cause feeling impact or sympathy to someone. Youths are the people that can easily touch or influence life or a community both positively or negatively.

HOPE: It seems easy but I can say it’s not. But I know that the youths give us hope either positively or negatively because they are the faith of the future. And I think influencing the youth in a positive thinking determines the hope and faith of the present and the future.

Finally a word of advice to the youths; remember you cannot be both wise and young. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly cynics. Cynics always say no but saying “yes” begin things, saying “yes” is how things grow, saying “yes” lead to knowledge, “yes” is for young people, and so for as long you have the strength to say “yes” it’s a “yes” to the world.



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