Love and Dating-3 relationship traits that are common but terrible

These are relationship issues that are just as bad as they are widedspread.

One thing about the human society is how habits and behaviours usually become acceptable by virtue of being widespread.

If it stays around long enough and loads of people engage in it enough, it becomes part and parcel of the culture, tightly stitched into the fabric of society.

Somehow these habits swim into mainstream relationship ideas, too. They become accepted as ideals just because they have been around for long.

Needless to say, some of these things are not always great for your relationship; as a matter of fact they could be outrightly referred to as toxic habits; and no matter how far-spread they have become, they’re still to be disallowed in relationships because of their damaging effects.

The relationship problems that seem OK because they’re common (The Odyssey Online)

We list below 3 of these common but terrible and damaging relationship traits…

1. Keeping scores

It would have made sense if couples were actually keeping scores of great things they did for each other, so as to always appreciate them for it and return the gesture, but of course, you know that’s not what most couples do.

They’d rather keep track of all your mess-ups from the past and never make you forget about it.

It’s bad enough that they wouldn’t stop talking about it no matter how much you apologise or how, but they’d go a step further and try to get revenge.

Keeping scores is bad on all levels for your relationship (Sloshspot)

Obviously, this type of habit is not what is found in healthy relationships.

2. Dropping hints

Without mincing words, babes are guilty of this a whole lot.

How do you desire something or feel a displeasure towards a certain thing but refuse to communicate this to your partner?

Instead of communicating as good partners are supposed to, they drop hints which are always vague as hell and expect their partners to catch those hints. When that partner does not, they sulk and make life difficult for him.

Going on fancy dates and buying expensive gifts to mask your relationship issues is not a wise idea (LovePanky)

This is so bad for that relationship because it shows that you two are not comfortable communicating openly and clearly with one another.

It is better to state your feelings and desires openly.

3. Buying solutions

It’s like getting high on weed… clouding up your brain with fumes of happiness because you want to forget your worries and concerns.

Of course, the smoke will blur the problems on your mind… but only temporarily. The smoke will be blown away and you will be faced again with those things you’re trying to hide from.

In relationships, you just can’t mask your issues with fun trips and beautiful gifts… they’ll hold you together for only a while.

And just like improperly-glued ceramics, you both are coming apart soon.


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